Brand Identification

The keys to successful branding are consistency and repetition. Everything you do in business should support and reinforce your brand: phone etiquette, logo, tagline, customer service, brochure design, and Web content. We can help you facilitate a brand strategy from scratch, reinforce a well-established brand or make recommendations on increasing your overall brand awareness.


We understand that part of branding is creating a recognizable, consistent and effective visual image - both off and online. We can help integrate your design across every aspect of your business to ensure that everything you do – from advertising to web design, all work together to create a unified brand experience.

Brand identification and logo design

Effective branding makes all the difference. Whether you require a new logo or a refresh of an existing one, we can help move your identity forward. We can also help you realize the new or revised corporate identity with printed or supporting materials to reinforce the new brand.

Promotional items

Promotional items are a good way to keep your company visible long after the customer has left your store or booth. Every time someone uses a Post It, wears your t-shirt or drinks from your coffee mug, your company becomes top-of-mind. We’ll work with you to create fun and suitable promotional items for your events and campaigns.

Tradeshow support

Details, deadlines and more details – it’s all a big part of trade show planning. If you don’t have the bandwidth to take on this time-consuming endeavor, we’re here to assist you with any and all of your tradeshow needs.

Private label branding initiatives

Private label marketing requires the adoption of a different set of marketing and branding practices to support and propel your private label business. Let us help you navigate the waters.

Public Relations

Once you write a press release, you have to make sure it gets circulated to the right channels – media, industry experts and wire services. Our expertise and industry contacts will help you get the word out to your target audience.

Grow your business with a cost effective marketing strategy customized to meet your needs.

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